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Our team has been providing warehouse planning services since 1986. This is a service that requires precise knowledge and years of experience. We bring a nationwide team of industry experts with over 250years of combined material handling and warehouse planning experience to our customers. From pallet racks to pick modules, mezzanines, and conveyor systems, Conesco Storage Systems has experience planning warehouses with new and use material handling equipment of all shapes and sizes — we are your warehouse planning experts.

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There are three fundamental principles of warehouse planning: safety, cost-reduction, and sustainability. Safety is the most important principle when it comes to warehouse planning. Properly trained employees must be used in order to prevent accidents from occurring. This can be done by using proper lifting techniques and having a safe working environment. Cost reduction is another major principle that should be considered when choosing which warehouse planning solution to use. An efficient warehouse planning system is a clear way to reduce operating expenses.
Lastly, sustainability is also an essential part of any warehouse planning solution. The goal of sustainability is to reduce the amount of waste produced within a facility. By investing in a sustainable warehouse planning solution, companies can help to conserve natural resources and cut down on their carbon footprint.

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Custom warehouse planning

There is no one size fits all warehouse planning solution. The needs of a distribution center are different from a manufacturing facility. At Conesco, we get to know your unique needs and then work with you to arrive at an efficient solution that works for your budget. We apply our experience to evaluate your storage and retrieval weak points, consider the pros and cons of various automated approaches, and advise you on the right equipment to deliver results.
When planning your warehouse planning Conesco’s knowledge and industry experience is an invaluable resource. We stay in touch with industry trends, equipment and systems available. Our services include:

  • Plant and warehouse layouts
  • Conceptual development
  • Progressive work
  • Automated storage and retrieval systems
  • New installations or system upgrades

If you are thinking about starting up your own warehouse or storage system, you must know that the success or failure of a warehouse depends on how organized the warehouse is. If you’ve done your research you will find a lot of talk about “storage systems,” what type of storage systems people use, and plenty of discussion on what type of storage system is best.

“It was a real pleasure working with Conesco on my storage project. I wasn’t exactly sure as to what I needed but after talking with their staff they laid out a plan that was both efficient for my needs as well as cost friendly. I would highly recommend them.” – Teri T.

Warehouse Space Planning

We help you through the logistics of warehouse space planning, warehouse layout, budget, supply, and installation. Whether you are undergoing a warehouse remodel or a complete relocation, our knowledge of warehouse planning will equip you to make the best decisions.
From design to installation, we have the expertise to help you achieve the perfect warehouse planning solution. We offer full service design and installation services for new construction, renovation, expansion, and retrofits.

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Our warehouse planning team includes:

  • An expert in industrial real estate who creates finder fee relationships
  • A knowledgeable equipment buyer with high purchasing power
  • A crew of experienced warehouse space planning experts ready to help you

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Benefits of warehouse planning

There are several benefits to implementing a storage system in your warehouse including:

  • More organization: A key component to any properly run warehouse.
  • More floor space: The more floor space you have, the more you can store and unload, the more money you make
  • More efficient warehouse: Efficiency is profitability
  • Safer for employees: Storage systems create an order that helps keep employees safe

Warehouse planning increases profitability

Warehouse planning can help you streamline your human capital. It allows you to put your employees to work on more important jobs and free them up to focus on higher value tasks. You can automate anything from basic transportation conveyor to complex sorting systems. Understanding the challenges you face will help you determine what level of automation is right for you. If you have a labor shortage due to a lack of available workers in your area, then you might need to invest in automated storage solutions. If you have already grown beyond your current manual processes, you might be ready for more advanced solutions like robotic picking. Finally, if you have a growing eCommerce business, you might be interested in using automation to speed up your fulfillment operations.

Sustainable warehouse planning

Sustainability is an important topic not only due to public perception and legislation. Sustainable warehouse planning also saves companies money. Companies are starting to realize that if they want to stay competitive, they need to start thinking about ways to become more environmentally friendly. For example, load consolidation and route planning help reduce the amount of fuel consumed and emissions produced by moving freight around the country. These practices also help minimize the number of trucks needed and the amount of space required to store them.

“I was so impressed with the customer service provided by Conesco. The warehouse workers were very polite, attentive, and extremely helpful. I have never purchased warehouse storage equipment before, so I didn’t quite know what to expect. But the workers went above and beyond to ensure that my new materials were safely packed on my trailer for a 3 hour trip. They even gave us a spare ratchet strap! I highly recommend for anyone looking to purchase storage equipment.” – Adam C.

Gain a competitive advantage with an efficient warehouse plan

Warehouse planning is essential for businesses large and small to stay competitive in the modern marketplace. Whether you’re looking to automate warehouse operations or improve efficiency in manufacturing plants, our warehouse layout and design services will help you get things done.

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