Wire Decking

What is Wire Decking

Wire decking is used on selective pallet rack to support the pallets and products stored from falling through the rack structure. Wire mesh decking comes in various thicknesses and mesh dimensions. Wire mesh allows for easy identification of product while preventing dirt and other debris from gathering on the shelves. They simply drop into place which makes them easy to install.  Wire decking has U-shaped channel supports or struts, to support the load.

  • Waterfall decking extends across the top and down the front of the beam for added support.
  • Reverse waterfall decking help keep the product from falling behind the rack system.
  • Standard or Lay-in decking rests inside the step of the beam.  Wire decking also comes with Galvanized wire.

If you’re a warehouse manager or owner your concerns should lie in three main areas: Efficiency, organization, and most importantly, safety. It’s easy to sweep safety under the rug when things are humming along but safety is not only important to the health of your employees, but it is also critical for your bottom line.

If you don’t have wire decking installed in your warehouse, you are taking an unnecessary safety risk for both your employees and your product. Get in touch with a storage and warehouse solutions service to figure out the best types of wire decking for your warehouse today.

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