Cantilever Racks

What is a Cantilever Rack?

Cantilever Racks can store practically any type of load. Great for storing long or short items, odd-shaped and bulky loads. Cantilever racks are faster to load and unload due to no front column interference. Cantilever racks are the ideal system for storing pipe and tubing, furniture, lumber, steel bar and other long heavy items that must be kept off the floor and provide instant accessibility to all stored items. Being modular in nature your design options are unlimited with additional braces, uprights and arms as your storage needs change.

Cantilever Uprights

Cantilever racks allow you to customize your storage possibilities. With floor space being a premium go vertical! Sturdy cantilever racks are the answer. Cantilever uprights are built strong to hold the loads you need. The uprights have holes so the cantilever arms attach to them in various increments. Uprights consist of a horizontal base which bolts to the vertical column. You can easily add to your warehouse storage needs with new or used cantilever uprights.

Cantilever Arms

Cantilever arms are stable and trusted. These cantilever arms are what makes the uprights a cantilever rack system. It is very important to have the proper cantilever arms for the loads you will be using. Consult a sales professional at Conesco Storage Systems to assist you in your selection. There are three different types of cantilever arms to choose from; hair pin keepers, inclined arms or straight arms. All cantilever arms fully are adjustable to store your materials more efficiently.

Cantilever Brace Sets

The Cantilever brace sets are the last and final piece of your cantilever racking system. Brace sets give the system horizontal stability by connecting the uprights between them. To be sure your cantilever rack storage system can handle the load of your stored materials with cantilever brace sets, consult one of our sales professionals. Conesco Storage Systems is here to solve all of your storage needs.

If you are looking to buy cantilever racks for your warehouse or if you are selling cantilever racks in a liquidation, you have come to the right place. We are looking to buy and sell your warehouse equipment.