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Conesco Storage Systems is a nationwide leader in the decommission, moving, acquisition, and installation of material handling equipment.

We specialize in comprehensive decommission services customized to your needs to maximize your asset recovery, expedite your teardown time, and fulfill your tenant exit requirements.



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Facility Decommissions are a big job, and you want to make sure you minimize operational impact, get top dollar for your equipment, and maximize the value for your investment in transitioning out of a facility. 

Avoid delays and tenant penalties

Avoid over budget wind-downs

Avoid struggling to find the right people with the right expertise, network, work-ethic, and responsiveness

Avoid decommission management of mulitple moving parts

Avoid being saddled with equipment that doesn’t produce the efficiency or productivity desired

Avoid failed projects due to a lack of internal resources or know-how

Avoid paying too much for equipment or labor

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Liquidation Distribution Center Strategy

Careful planning is key to liquidating your assets. Here is a step-by-step process and some of the key factors you need to consider when making your decision on how to move forward.

Create Your Equipment Liquidation Schedule

The first step is walking through the distribution center and cataloging each piece of equipment, furniture and supplies. Creating an inventory list will help you estimate the scope of the liquidation and prepare you to value assets.

A spreadsheet can have columns for item names, descriptions, quantities, conditions, sizes and any notes. It may also help to indicate age and original purchase price if known.

Value Warehouse Equipment

When assessing your equipment’s value, you have to keep a few things in mind. The age and condition of the equipment will have a significant impact on the value. You may want to check recent prices for comparable equipment on auction sites or marketplaces, factoring in depreciation based on age and condition.

Liquidation in a distribution center often includes selling almost everything. So, liquidation prices may be lower than fair market value, especially if there is a single buyer involved. How quickly you need to sell and carrying costs may also impact sales price. Pricing, of course, will vary depending on market demand. In some cases, this can work in your favor to command higher pricing.

There is a market for:

  • Pallet racking and accessories
  • Conveyor systems
  • Mezzanines
  • Pick modules
  • Balers
  • Shrink wraps
  • Industrial scales
  • Lifts
  • and more

Obsolete, damaged or low-value items may have little value but can also be sold as scrap in many cases. For high-value or in-demand equipment, you should get a professional appraisal.

Sell Your Equipment

In a distribution center liquidation, you have a few options to choose from when it comes to selling your assets.


You can choose to host an on-site auction or an online auction.

Pros: This can produce quick sales and competitive bidding.
Cons: Requires promotion and prep. It may not yield maximum sales. You have to handle paperwork and logistics.

Private Sales

You may want to find individual buyers on your own.

Pros: Can yield fair market pricing for in-demand assets.
Cons: Time intensive to find and broker deals. This may result in selling only some equipment.


Distribution center liquidation specialists can purchase all of your assets and resell them.

Pros: Fast and simple way to liquidate your distribution center equipment. Liquidators handle logistics.
Cons: May produce lower prices for single items but higher total purchase price for all equipment.

Online Marketplaces

Pros: Can reach a wide audience.
Extremely time-intensive and can yield mixed results.

Regardless of the method you choose, consider the time investment, potential profits and your internal resources.

Disposal and Cleanup

For items that cannot be sold or have no value, you will need to plan for disposal. Some items may be sold for scrap, while others may cost you to haul away. If you have furniture that still has a useful life, you may want to consider donating to charitable organizations.

Dismantling and removing equipment can get messy. You may need to do some serious cleaning, along with making sure anchors are ground flushed and epoxied if needed.

Talk to the Distribution Center Liquidation Experts

After looking at this list, you can see why we said the liquidation of a distribution center is a big job. Your best strategy is to get an evaluation from warehouse liquidation specialists like Conesco to help streamline the process and maximize your return.

Conesco has been a leader in the material handling industry since 1986. We are not an auction house; we are specialists who know the difference between quality used warehouse equipment and junk and can help you get top dollar for your DC assets. Our team is adept at quickly cataloging, assessing and valuing equipment.

Whether you are looking to liquidate your distribution center or shopping for high-quality used equipment, Conesco is here to help.

Conesco has multiple locations nationwide and serves the entire U.S. Contact Conesco today at (303)- 690-9591 to discuss your distribution center liquidation plans.

Industry Profiles 

From large scale, multi-faceted projects to cost-savings on materials, we support a diverse customer base


Third Party Logistic companies leverage Conesco to offer customized material handling solutions to meet the unique needs of the diverse client products while helping to streamline supply chain operations.


E-commerce fulfillment centers rely on Conesco fulfilling their material handling system needs to maximize storage capacity while efficiently processing and shipping orders to customers.


Distribution centers maximize their material handling equipment by partnering with Conesco to amplify their space and optimize the flow of goods through their facilities.


Food and beverage warehouses work with Conesco to maximize their material handling equipment and implement equipment like pick modules and automated picking and packing systems to increase accuracy and efficiency.


Cold storage warehouses optimize their material handling equipment by using specialized technologies like automation technologies like AS/RS and robotic picking systems to optimize the flow of goods & reduce damage/ spoilage


Manufacturers partner with Conesco to integrate material handling equipment like automated systems such as conveyor belts, robotic arms, and pick-and-place machines to move materials and products throughout the facility.

Have Confidence with Conesco

Conesco provides nationwide experts with experience & work-ethic.

We leverage a global network of industry partners, for you.

We offer support for your entire material handling needs.

We are your trusted business advisor. We think about your projects as you do.

We offer a wide variety of new and used options for pallet racking, conveyance, mezzanines, pick modules, and specialty equipment.

We are a full-service partner. We can help with planning, design, budgeting, evaluation, recommendations, best practices, and execution of your warehouse projects.

We maximize your investment and the full utilization of your facilities.


“I’ve worked with Conesco over 20 years at three different companies. I continue to work with them because they deliver on what they say, they hit timelines, and when problems arise, they address it head on with multiple solutions.”

– Warehousing, 3PL, & National Retail Companies


“Over the past few years Conesco has proven to be valuable partners for our growing company…. They understand their market and the priorities of our business, often helping us stay ahead of changes in demand for new and used racking so that we can get what we want when we want it. It is good to have a partner that can anticipate your needs and stay ahead of them, that is the level of service that Conesco has demonstrated on a regular basis.”

– Third Party Logistics [3PL] Company


“We have worked with Conesco for over 8 years, they are leaders in the Racking Industry, exceptional customer service and great in every aspect to work with. I refer them to anyone I know with racking needs.”

– Third Party Logistics [3PL] Customer


“Working with Conesco was great. They asked the right questions, understood what we needed and our Denver Facility went in under budget. Good guys, good prices, and good services.”

– Multinational Grocery Supply Company


“We’ve worked with Conesco for over 10 years and do not consider our evaluation process complete without getting a perspective and bid from Conesco. They are a valued partner to us and we are grateful to continue that working relationship.”

– American Retail Company


“In a project that had many moving parts and a very tight timeline for us to be out of the facility, Conesco’s focus and drive to deliver was impressive. We are glad we we chose to work with them and consider them our go to resource in the material handling world.”

– Global eCommerce Company

Material Handling Equipment

Pallet Racking

Uprights, beams, wiredecks, pallet supports, row spacers

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Best Flex, Accumulation, Photo Eye, Roller, Belt.. Many different use cases!

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Find a mezzanine the fits your load capacity, size, and design features to meet your operational needs

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Cantilever Rack

Vertical columns (‘towers’), horizontal bases, arms, bracing, and hardware

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Pick Modules

Mezzanines/ platforms, conveyor, racking/ shelving, stairs, safety equipment (ie guardrails)

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Lifts & Machines

Forklifts, reach trucks, AS/RS, pallet jacks, balers, scales, wrapping machines, truck loaders, dock ramps, +more

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Wire Decking

Double Water Fall, Flared, Reverse Water Fall, Drop-in, Flush

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Industrial Steel Shelving, Boltless, Steel, +more

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Focusing on our customer’s needs and bringing them maximum value, since 1986.

“We founded Conesco to repurpose pre-owned pallet racking & extend great cost-savings to customers…

Today, we provide new & used material while offering turn-key services to support our customers in all stages of their material handling equipment needs.”

– Ted Hodges, CEO & Founder

Conesco buys, sells, and provides labor

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Two Physical Locations with Pallet Racking + More MHE. Conesco’s Team is across the USA ready to deploy for your next project.

We saved over $1M in our initial budget by choosing to work with Conesco and asking them to source the racking material we needed pre-owned. Conesco sourced thousands of pallet positions for us. We were able to allocate the savings into our inventory and operations expenses. We did not realize that we would save over 50% by choosing used equipment over new. Thank you, Conesco!

– National 3PL Company

Want a top dollar offer for your
pallet racking | Pick Module | Conveyor | Mezzanine…?

Warehouse Liquidations

Conesco is a leading provider of warehouse liquidation services, with decades of experience in helping businesses maximize the value of their surplus material handling equipment.

Conesco’s team of experts has extensive knowledge of the equipment and machinery used in warehouses, allowing them to accurately assess the value of assets and provide top dollar, fair market bids to businesses.

Conesco also offers comprehensive equipment removal and decommissioning services, ensuring that businesses quickly and safely remove their assets. By working with Conesco, businesses free up valuable space and can receive capital bac to reinvest in their core operations.

By partnering with Conesco for their warehouse liquidation needs, businesses save time and money while benefiting from the expertise and experience of a trusted industry leader.

Warehouse Planning



New & Used Industrial Pallet Rack

We saved over $1M in our initial budget by choosing to work with Conesco and asking them to source the racking material we needed pre-owned. Conesco sourced thousands of pallet positions for us. We were able to allocate the savings into our inventory and operations expenses. We did not realize that we would save over 50% by choosing used equipment over new. Thank you, Conesco!

– National 3PL Company

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