The more space that is utilized in your warehouse, the higher the potential for profits. Warehouses deal in products and goods, and the more product you have, the more likely you’ll be able to turn a profit. You don’t always have to move to a new location when you need more space, often you can work with what you must maximize its space and efficiency. Let’s review five ways to maximize space on your warehouse rack so you can do the most with what you have.

Five Ways to Maximize Space on Warehouse Racks

Right Racks

There a wide variety of rack types, so you must be certain that the racks you have to correspond to your product or warehouse methods. You’ll get the most efficient use of rack space when you’re using the right racks. You can also consider custom warehouse racks to get the perfect setup for you.

Right Methods

You must be certain your warehouse is using the right type of loading and unloading methods to get the most out of your space.

Vertical Space

Walk in your warehouse and look up. Do you see a bunch of wasted space? Why don’t you take advantage of that space? You can take advantage of open vertical space in your warehouse through items like mezzanines and even hang warehouse racks. If you aren’t taking advantage of your vertical space, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

Warehouse Redesign

If your warehouse has changed and evolved over the years, it may in your best interests to redesign your warehouse from the ground. With a re-design, you can start fresh with how you use your racks and get the most space out of them.

Your Product

This doesn’t mean you must change your warehouse over to a new product line, but rather reconsider the type and amount of product you’re getting. If you are on overflow the issue may not be with your pallet space, but how you’re ordering and distributing your product.

These five techniques are a great way to get started on maximizing the space in your warehouse racks but are not the only ways. You should consider getting connected with a warehouse and storage solutions service.