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Conesco Storage Systems, Inc. is an industry leader in high-quality, high-volume warehouse equipment acquisitions. We purchase the pallet racking and material handling equipment you no longer need and sell it while it’s being taken down and prepared for shipping.

We will consider any purchase and consult with you on our recommendations based off your unique set of circumstances (volume of products, make / year of productions, location).

Our product acquisition specialist are diligent and thorough on every job. We communicates clearly and honestly to find a mutually beneficial agreement.

The process benefits from photos, warehouse design layouts and accurate inventory counts to create a custom plan, purchase agreement and timeline.

We Buy Pallet Racking & Warehouse Equipment

Conesco is always in the market for used pallet racking and pallet rack materials. All kinds of rack…Teardrop, Tbolt, you name it.  We currently have customers looking for Interlake beams, wire decks and Teardrop rack.

If you have some or any of these materials to sell, please contact us as we are always looking to buy. If you have any warehouse materials that you are looking to buy “or sell” give us a call.

If you are looking to sell your equipment for fair market value while having a streamlined process: 

Talk with one of our staff members about how to sell us your used warehouse equipment:


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