Conesco is Looking for: Pallet Racking & Warehouse Equipment

We’re always looking for materials too! Give
us a call if you have these materials to sell.

Ted Hodges: (303) 690.9591 Ted.Hodges@conesco.com

Always looking to buy used materials.

Dana Nichols: (972) 234.2555 Dana.Nichols@conesco.com

660 each tear drop beams: 144” x 4.5”, 1-5/8” step, shipping SE

950 each wire decks 42”D x 46”W, flared channels for structural beams [W]

Schott Garbett: (303) 690.9591 Schott.Garbett@conesco.com

60ea 60” x 20’H; 3” x 3” teardrop uprights

350ea 4”x 120”L; 1 5/8” step teardrop beams

350ea 60” x 58” 4 channels DWF

Tom Rodgers (952) 923.2067 Tom.Rodgers@conesco.com

500 – 1,000 sticks of 12’’ wide x 98’’+  span track.

Dave Lay: (303) 690.9591 Dave.Lay@conesco.com

91 each 42 x 240 teardrop style frames 3 x 3 columns clean. [to Colorado]

Craig Fasching: (952) 933.3246 Craig.F@conesco.com

200’) of powered pallet conveyor, 51” between frame

Going to Minnesota

(2) rows of (8) bays in a row of carton flow (16 bays total).  Each bay to have 4 levels of 96” wide x 48” deep carton flow.  (can be knock down, welded shelves or span-track, dura-flo type)

(10,000) pallet positions of structural selective racking for California.  

42” x 20’+ uprights. 

C3+ x 96” beams with pallet supports or wire decks.  Floor plus 3 beam levels

(Truckload) of Tear Drop 6” x 144” beams

Graham Gillham: (952) 935.2117 Graham.Gillham@conesco.com

East coast.

3,000ea. 42” x 25’ Teardrop Uprights

30,000ea. 96” x 4,000lb Beam

30,000ea. 42” x 46” Wire decks

Ryan Dishnow: (303) 690.9591 Ryan.Dishnow@conesco.com

Drive in racking 4 deep x 5 high qty 700 pp  ( uprights must be at least 22’ high)

Drive in racking 4 deep x 4 high qty 200 pp ( uprights must be at least 19’ high)

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Easy cash deal if you or someone you know has even some of the material!

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