Conesco is Looking for: Pallet Racking & Warehouse Equipment

We’re always looking for materials too! Give
us a call if you have these materials to sell.

$$ Looking to Buy from you $$
Easy cash deal if you or someone you know has any of this material!


πŸ“ž Craig Fasching (952) 933-3246

truckload of 6” x 144” or longer Tear Drop Beams with Step (for Indiana)


For a Pick module in TX:

Don’t have all the specs yet but please send what you have available


1,000ea. uprights 42”-48” x 20’+

10,000ea. 96” x 4000# and 5000# capacity beams

3,000ea. wire decks to fit


πŸ“ž Tom Rodgers (952) 923-2067 Tom.Rodgers@Conesco.com

2,000ft. of 24″ wide Gravity Conveyor 1.9 on 3″ centers

1,000 – 2,000 pallet positions of Push Back 3 and 4 deep x 4 high (mid-west)


πŸ“ž Dana Nichols (303) 690-9591 Dana.Nichols@Conesco.com

For Los Angeles area:

120-130 ea. Tear Drop Uprights: 42” x 24-26’, 3×3, support 30,000lbs

1300-1350 ea. Tear Drop Beams: 96” x 4”, 1-5/8” step

1300-1350 ea. Wire Decks: 42”D x 46”W, 2-sided waterfall, 3-channel


For Atlanta area:

200ft Powered Conveyor: 24”W

400ft Gravity Conveyor: 24”W, 1.9” rollers, 3” centers

63ea. H-Stands


πŸ“ž Ryan Dishnow (303) 690-9591 Ryan.Dishnow@Conesco.com

1,500-2,000 pp of 4 deep x 4high pushback structural (for Omaha, NE)


πŸ“ž Brian Fisher (303) 690.9591

14,000ea. Pallet Supports 42″ (all for Geogia)

2,500ea. Tear Drop Uprights 42″ x 26 – 27′

200ft. 24″ powered line conveyor with 2 drives and 8 diverts off of it


πŸ“ž Dave Lay (303) 690.9591

150ea.42″ x 18″ x 3″x3″ TearDrop Uprights in good condition (for Denver)


πŸ“ž Devon Fitzgerald (303) 690-9591 Devon.Fitzgerald@Conesco.comΒ 

1,400ea. 4″ x 96″ beams (for Denver)

2,000ea. 42″ x 46″ WireDecks (for Denver)

200ea.+ Beams 108″ (for Denver)

a lot of 42″ x 52″ WireDecks (for Denver)

a lot of 48″ deep Uprights (for Denver)

a lot of 48″ deep WireDecks (for Denver)


πŸ“ž Gavin Hodges (303) 690-9591 Gavin.Hodges@Conesco.com

300ea. Wire Decks 42”D x 46”W Double water fall (for Kentucky)

250ea. Tear Drop beams 5-6”W x 144”L w/ 1 5/8 step

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