If you’re a warehouse manager or owner your concerns should lie in three main areas: Efficiency, organization, and most importantly, safety. It’s easy to sweep safety under the rug when things are humming along but safety is not only important to the health of your employees, but it is also critical for your bottom line.

Think of it this way, if a 20-pound box slips through a shelf and lands on an employee, the action stops on your floor, paperwork must be filled out, and you could lose a great employee. If the welfare of your workers isn’t enough to keep them safe, also think about your operations.

There are several ways to help keep your warehouse safe and one of the most important safety features you can have for both your products and employees is wire decking. Let’s find out more about this unassuming but important piece of equipment, and how it works.

What is Wire Decking?

Wire decking is a warehouse product constructed from a grid of strong wires. That grid of wires known as wire decking is placed on a split and open racks to provide safety from shifting or falling product, as well as increased stability for the whole rack.

The many points of contact from wire decking are only second to solid shelving when it comes to storing your products, but have many advantages over solid shelves such as easier visibility of product, will let dust pass through where it can be swept up on the floor, and wire decking will allow water from your sprinkler system to pass through your shelves I the case of a fire.

Types of Wire Decking

The type of wire decking you use depends on the type of warehouse you run, but wire decking fits into two main categories of drop-in wire decking and channel wire decking. Here are a little more about each:

  • Drop-In Decking: Fixes into place on your racks by cascading the wire decking over the front and back of the support beam.
  • Channel Decking: The most used style of wire decking. Channel wire decking is secured to the support beams through welded channels. Channel wire decking sits flush with support beams for easy loading and unloading.

If you don’t have wire decking installed in your warehouse, you are taking an unnecessary safety risk for both your employees and your product. Get in touch with a storage and warehouse solutions service to figure out the best types of wire decking for your warehouse today.