Rolling ladders are one of the safest options in a warehouse for workers to access high shelves and areas. Rolling ladders come with a handful of built-in safety features and are designed for efficiently and security in mind. These ladders come in different sizes, allowing them to fit into tight spaces and more open areas of any warehouse. Let’s look at whether your warehouse should invest in rolling ladders.

How Rolling Ladders Will Help Your Warehouse

Rolling ladders have a variety of uses in warehouses and other industrial spaces. They come equipped with rugged corrosion resistant materials, are easily cleaned and can come with four to six heavy duty wheels. These wheels will swivel, making it easy to move the ladders to and from different areas of the warehouse where needed the most. You’ll find rolling ladders most often in warehouses and large libraries, too.

While forklifts and other methods can be used and installed in warehouses, rolling ladders are one of the easiest and quickest investments. They can be delivered and installed quickly, not much training is involved, and they have an immediate impact on warehouse productivity. With forklifts, you’ll have to invest in additional training and certifications which make take time away from the initial investment in the equipment. Ideally, you would use both methods to reach higher areas of your warehouse when necessary.

Most rolling ladders used in warehouses and other environments are scrutinized by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to ensure these ladders are safely used in working environments. Some of the things OSHA stresses when using these ladders include:

  • Cleaning them of contaminants immediately
  • Ladders should be cleaned regularly with solvent or steam
  • Ensuring workers don’t use the top step for any purpose

These basic guidelines help promote a safe work environment when using rolling ladders.

Investing in rolling ladders helps make life easier for your warehouse workers, along with giving them safely alternatives to climbing between racks, shelves, and other areas. Depending on how high you need your ladders to reach, you’ll need to invest in rolling ladders that use guardrails and other safety features. This is good practice for any ladder in an industrial setting because it promotes a safe and efficient worth environment.