If your warehouse uses a forklift, safety is paramount. Forklift accidents are some of the most common and preventable accidents on the warehouse floor. By ensuring your workers are trained and certified on the forklift, along with providing continuous maintenance, safety instructions, and training will help prevent accidents. Let’s look at five tips for preventing forklift accidents in the workplace.

5 of the Best Tips for Preventing Forklift Accidents

Offer Constant Forklift Training

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that anyone using a forklift is certified in how it operates. This means that you need to make sure all workers using a forklift in your warehouse are certified and up-to-date for the proper operation of the vehicle.

Teach Proper Forklift Parking

Make sure that your workers know where and how to park forklifts at the end of use. Ensure they’re doing this to avoid common injuries and issues, such as running into the forklifts unintentionally and blocking entrances.

Address Driving Issues Immediately

If you notice issues with a worker on a forklift, address them at once. If you notice issues with the forklift itself, have it checked out immediately. By ensuring your forklift is operating as intended, along with making sure your workers are driving properly promotes safety daily.

Train Workers to Load the Forklift Properly

Using the forklift is only part of the battle during the work day. Make sure your workers know how to load and unload the forklift properly. A wrongly loaded forklift can tip over, injure workers, and cause damage to your warehouse’s fixtures, panels, and more.

Be Aware of Carbon Monoxide Forklift Emissions

Forklifts, like other vehicles, emit carbon monoxide when in use. This means that your warehouse needs to have the proper ventilation and carbon monoxide detectors in place to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

Forklift accidents and issues occur in every warehouse. With proper training, coaching, and implementing safety procedures into its everyday use, you can prevent forklift accidents during the day.