Hebron, Kentucky

Warehouse Liquidation

Conesco Storage Systems has a new offsite in Hebron, Kentucky 41048. 

This warehouse materials inventory includes:

  • Used Interlake New Style Uprights
  • Used Interlake New Style Beams
  • Used 42″ Pallet Supports

This project starts in July.

Selling this pallet rack now but please be advised to ask the dates of when to expect material as we have not yet started dismantling this facility. .

 * Spreadsheet as of 5.9.2019. Changes daily

 2,335Interlake New StyleUprights42” x 16’ x 3” x 3”
123Interlake New StyleUprights42” x 16’ x 3” x 3”
7,818Interlake New StyleBeams4” x 96”
2,370Interlake New StyleBeams6” x 144”
2,400Row Spacers18”
 160RoundColumn Protectors10”
301Column Protectors12”
800Pallet Supports42”


* as of 5.9.2019

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