Theoretically, the more usable space you have in your warehouse, the more you can store and the more you can get done. Now, most warehouse owner and operators simply don’t have the energy or resources to relocate every time they need a little extra space. You must make the best with what you have.

This includes making the most out of one of your prime real estate eaters, your pallet racking. If you can improve the organization of your pallet racks, you can expand the overall footprint of your warehouse. Well let’s not keep it a secret and get on it, here are three tips on getting the most out of your pallet racking.

3 Ways for You to Get More Space Out of Pallet Racking

Reconsider Your Small Storage

You may have your large-scale storage perfectly scaled and organized, but plenty of pallet racking space is lost due to proper organization of smaller items. The pallet racks around offices, near workstations, and other quick access areas are notorious for loading up with “stuff.” Check all small-scale storage to see what you can reduce, stack, and otherwise reorganize to give yourself more space.

Talk to Your Employees

Your employees are on the ground floor every day, working hard to keep things running smoothly. Your staff will have the real insider knowledge on what’s vital on the floor, and what’s being misused. Employees notice when things can be done better, and that includes getting the most room out of their areas. Their suggestions may go unheard unless you give them a listen.

Make a Practice of Re-Evaluating (With Help, Too)

Warehouses evolve, and you must evolve with both your warehouse and with the industry. It is advisable to do a complete reevaluation of your warehouse at least once yearly. If you need the help of an outside eye, bring on a storage solutions expert who can make the necessary adjustments to ramp your production and efficiency up to the next level. You can likely recognize where changes are needed, but a trained, outside eye can catch things you probably missed.

So, if you want to expand your warehouse’s footprint, your next best steps are reconsidering your small storage, be communicative with your employees, and re-evaluating your operation with an outside expert. The more space you have, the more you get done, and the more everyone profits.