Every warehouse runs differently. No matter how many articles or books you read about running a warehouse, you’ll find it comes down to the little things that make a warehouse successful. Those little things, no matter how small, can make life easier and more efficient in any warehouse environment. Let’s look at three small ways to ensure warehouse success and improve worker productivity.

3 Little Known Ways to Improve Warehouse Success


The hotter a warehouse gets during the day, the easier it is for workers to slow down because of the heat. Invest in cooling solutions throughout your warehouse. Ceiling and portable fans can help keep things cool and air circulating. Ensure your workers have plenty of water to drink. Consider investing in handheld fans, too. The cooler you keep your workers, the more productive they’ll be which can up efficiency throughout your warehouse operations.


Housekeeping practices within your warehouse should be performed daily. Whether you hire an outside company to do it or have workers do it, make sure your warehouse is kept clean. This includes everything from cleaning the bathrooms to sweeping the floors daily to ensuring trash and recycling is taken care of promptly. A clean warehouse offers a safe environment for your workers and inventory. This boosts morale across the board which encourages workers to take pride in their workplace.

Miscellaneous Storage

No matter where you work there’s always random things around that have no home. For a warehouse, you need to invest in miscellaneous storage solutions for those items. This will help workers find what they need when they need it. This will also help keep random items from being in a place they shouldn’t be. Anything not in use should be put in miscellaneous storage to avoid being a hazard.

When working towards warehouse success, companies often focus on the big picture. By taking a step back and looking at smaller ways to help improve efficiency and productivity, you can impact that big picture and turn any warehouse into a successful place of business for everyone involved in its operations.